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Everything Leads Back to the ED: STIs, Diagnostics, and Public Education
OMG Presents: The Top Medical Stories of 2023
A Pharmacist’s Take: Part 1
A Pharmacist’s Take: Part 2
Are You Missing COVID?
History of Influenza
A Bird’s Eye View
A Rocky Start
A Case of Road Rash
Women & Heart Disease: Are We Still At A Loss?
Positive Results in Alzheimer’s: Are We Now Pushing the Right Buttons?
Personalized Vaccines Combat Melanoma
The Need for Diabetes Screening
Diabetes: Identifying and Educating High-Risk Individuals
STIs Are Back. Innovative Testing Is Needed.
An Urgent Discovery
A Painful Problem
Osteomyelitis: Achieving Antibiotic Penetration
Easier to Immunize - Part 1 & Part 2
Ethical Dilemmas and Healthcare Politicization
How One Nurse Called the Shots
SAVE A NURSE: Standing Up Against Violence
The First to Mandate Vaccines: A Hospital System’s Story
Finding Polyps in a Pandemic
The Preschool Puzzle
A Heart Has To Be Seen
Pandemic Healthcare Disparities
The Baby or the Buffet?
Why Can’t I Recall a Recall? Food Safety Relapses
Variants, Antivirals, Vaccinations & Health Literacy
Adnexal Mass Risk Assessments
The Path to a New Vaccine Isn’t All Paved
RSV: The OTHER Respiratory Virus
Part 1 - RSV in children
RSV: The OTHER Respiratory Virus
Part 2 - RSV in older adults
A Rare Disease Identified and a Sister’s Hope
How a Hospital CEO Prepared for a Pandemic
Seven Things to Know About Treating Hyponatremia
An Orthopedic Surgeon, A Bike Wreck, and Stopping the Cycle of Opioid Use
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